Small Move: Alone or With a Pro?

– What is a small move?
– Small move: alone or with a pro?
– Cost of a small move

Small move: alone or with a pro?

Special moves, such as an international move or an overseas move, require as much preparation, if not more, than a traditional move. However, if you are making a small move, the process is easier than a large one.

What is a small move?

When we talk about a small move, we are referring to a small volume to be moved, like a studio, namely: some furniture, boxes, a sofa, a few household appliances. This represents about 10 m³. Moreover, it can be done over a short or long distance.

A small move is therefore not necessarily synonymous with cost reduction because there is a whole organization to be implemented. There is no room for improvisation, as you will have to think about using a moving company or moving alone.

If a small move equals a small volume, this does not mean that there will be fewer formalities to consider:

– You will have to carry out the various steps (change of address, registration, telephone, insurance…) as for a classic move.
– You will also need the moving equipment to move all your belongings without too much difficulty.
– If you wish to hire a professional, don’t hesitate to ask for several (free) quotes to compare prices.

In any case, a small move is also a source of stress. It is therefore important to organize it well to avoid any later setbacks.

Small move: alone or with a pro?

Moving with a pro offers a certain comfort, whereas moving alone will spare your budget.

Small move with a professional

The professional can offer you different moving formulas (economical, standard, comfort) according to your needs, expectations, and budget. Depending on the formula, the moving company can take care of:

– disassembling and reassembling the furniture;
– packing the crockery or other knick-knacks;
– or even clean the room after the move.

You can also use groupage moving, a formula suitable for small moves, allowing you to transport the goods of several customers in the same truck, which results in a reduction of costs. The same is true for the moving container, which is more specifically for sea transport.

Small move only

It’s the most economical solution, just call on friends and family for a little help! For this, you will need to plan:

Moving equipment such as boxes, blankets, large felt-tips, adhesive;
– the rental of a moving truck: the choice of vehicle is essential:
◦ calculate your moving volume using the simulations available on the Internet;
◦ this will allow you to know the volume to be foreseen (between 10 and 14 m³).
– a moving elevator may be necessary, if the place is difficult to access or if you have bulky furniture to move.

Cost of a small move

As an indication, and if you go through a professional, count at least $600, but it all depends on the chosen formula and the place of destination. The price will vary according to:

– the volume (m3);
– the destination: mileage from one point to another;
– the particularity, the access;
– the moving formula.

If you are moving alone, you will have to take into account:

– The rental of the van can also depend on the distance to travel.
– The rental or purchase of the moving equipment.
– You should also buy some pain relief sprays as you would be tired of that move, and a picnic or a good meal for your friends as well as cold drinks.

Good luck with your small move. Remember to share your experience below.


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