How To Make a Successful Industrial Move?

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The change of production site is an event that can occur in a company’s life cycle. It consists in moving all factory materials to another location. It is not a simple move, and it requires a lot of work. For this, certain steps must be followed. The essential steps for a successful industrial move are the organization, the inventory of fixtures, the move, and the installation. Follow our advice to manage and implement your industrial moving project!

Drafting of a Schedule of Conditions

To carry out an industrial moving project, you are required to make arrangements in advance. Indeed, it is essential to plan the schedules, the elements, and the necessary interventions to ensure that your materials are moved in optimal conditions and avoid unforeseen situations.

To do this, you must draw up specifications. This document contains all the descriptive information about the entire company. It serves to make known the reasons for the move, which is most often an extension of the company’s activity, and allows to determine all the expected expenses during the implementation of this project and establish the estimate.

Thanks to implementing the technical diagnosis, you can specify the volume and quantity of the materials to be moved. In this case, you must consider the needs such as the necessary services and the constraints of your company and the layout of your future premises. The specifications must contain a complete inventory of the company’s machinery and equipment.

Study of the Layout Plan

Before transferring the machines and equipment, make an inventory of the company’s new premises. This will allow you to have an overview before installing the machines to save time and avoid clutter. The realization of these various stages of industrial removal can go until several months. This is why, if you have signed a lease contract and are a tenant of your company’s premises, you must notify your landlord within 3 to 6 months before moving by the legislation in force.

Transfer of Materials

Once you have completed the design of your new business premises, you can finally move the materials from your old premises to your new premises. However, before you begin this transfer, make sure all appliances are turned off.

Industrial moving requires moving equipment, including material handling equipment and accessories. There are several types of handling equipment, also called handling machines, that can facilitate the transport of various heavy machines. We can, for example, talk about the hand truck, which is part of the lifting materials involved in lifting heavy objects. Thanks to its wheels, this equipment facilitates the transport of plant materials.

Moving Heavy Equipment: Things to Consider | Reynolds Transfer & Storage

Installation of Materials

This step is easy thanks to the inventory made in advance. All you have to do is follow the established plan and assemble the different materials. Once they are in place, you can plug them in and resume the business.

You must hire a competent mover for a successful industrial move. Moreover, with specialized companies, industrial moving can be done internationally. In this case, you must consider customs formalities and choose an appropriate shipping method to transfer your company’s materials.


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