The Common Myths about Moving

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Moving can be a really difficult task, and I believe it is one of the punishments in one of the seven circles of hell. Can you imagine constantly packing and unpacking your stuff? This is what my nightmares and sickest dreams are made of. I moved fives times in my young adult life, and I just finished college, and let me tell you, it is something that I dread and hate with all my heart. Well, you might ask yourself, myth don’t I hire movers to dot his for me? It’s a pretty legit business, right. Well, I agree with you, but there are many myths out there about movers and moving that we need to debunk first before getting into the thick of it.

#Myth 1- Moving without movers is cheaper


Well, this sounds fairly logical if you think about it without getting into what is needed to move. If you simply believe that moving by yourself is free and moving with movers is expensive, then, of course, you will think that. But the logic doesn’t add up when you consider everything you need to move out of your current place, and getting movers is sometimes cheaper than actually moving out by yourself. The cost of moving out adds up pretty quickly, and out of nowhere, you are under a bill of bills that you have to pay because you decided to move on your own. There are costs like gas, packing material, truck rental, and energy that you should be a way to prior to deciding to move out by yourself or with the help of movers.

#Myth 2- Movers are scammers

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

To be completely honest with yall, my mom actually believes that if you can do something by yourself, why would you pay someone else to do it for you. I think it’s the immigrant in her talking and because she didn’t get help as a young woman Indian woman in this country, she had to work to be where she is. But getting back to it, no moving companies aren’t scammers; they actually help a lot of people, especially people who are disabled or really busy and can’t move out on their own. You’ve probably heard horror stories about movers and their exorbitant prices, but not all moving companies are the same; you need to do your research prior to hiring anyone. Unfortunately, these stories happen, but surrounding yourself with a good and reputable company might save you this hassle.

Myth 3- You can use any box to pack


Before we go any further with this one, let me tell you this is completely untrue, and you can use any box to pack your things. Remember, these boxes will carry your valuable and sometimes fragile items and must be sturdy enough to do so. This means that no, you can’t use any box for packing and should only use packing boxes to do this because they are there for a reason and aren’t scamming you.

Myth 4- Movers will move everything for you


Well, I believe this too until I found out the hard way that they, in fact, aren’t responsible for moving everything in your home. This also depends on the kind of contract you are signing and what has been agreed upon previously by both parties. They think they tend not to move either for legal or safety reasons, and this is why you should always do a last check around the house after the movers are done with their job. Some things they don’t move:

    • Ammunition and other explosives
    • Flammable fluid– Yes, this may include your liquor; you advise you to pack this yourself and other things like lighter fluid.
    • Pets and plants This is pretty self-explanatory and you should be the one to take care of them.
    • Valuable– Like jewelry and other expensive items because they don’t want to be accused or sued of stealing or damaging them.

Before hiring your moving company:

  1. Do your due diligence, research, and read reviews about them.
  2. Never trust just anyone helping you move out, they are entering your safe space and you need professional movers that you can trust to do this.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us about some of the myths you believe about moving.


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