Moving for the First Time

I still remember the first time I had to move houses – the stress and anxiety were at its highest. I was oblivious to the fact that a moving company can help and what I need to do. So, the internet helped me find the best movers and the best tips to pack my things. It is normal for first-time home movers will find it overwhelming on where to start with packing the huge amount of stuff accumulated on years of staying in one home. I have moved many times in my life and moving is still a burden to do. But with all those many times I have moved homes I have acquired some sort-of systematic ways of doing it. There are some first-time movers who struggle with finding the best moving company to help them in relocating.

Below are some tips that you may find useful on packing and unpacking your things.

First thing to do and easiest is to select old stuff that you will not bring with you on your move and dispose it. This will lessen the stuff that you will have to move, and it will remove unnecessary clutter. On your selection process you will find the urge not to unpack those old boxes hidden in the attic unopened but you will have to rummage even on those old boxes in order for you to bring only what is important. On my part, I have a general rule to myself which is to know when the last time was a certain item was used. If it was ages ago then let it go. This is only applicable to used clothes, broken toys, broken appliances, old linens, etc.

Then identify items that you seldom use but you will have to bring with you on your move. Segregate those items into rooms where it belongs: bathroom, kitchen, master’s bedroom, kid’s room, attic, garage, etc. Then put them in color-coded boxes, red for the kitchen, green for the kid’s room, blue for the master’s bedroom, yellow for the bathroom. Of course, the color will depend on you as long as you assign one color per room. Pack items in the cabinet that you will not use during the course of your move. This will depend on how early you will start packing. If you have started packing a month before the move leave a few linens out of the box.

When packing breakable items wrap them individually on newspapers or brown papers. Store the breakable items in smaller boxes and arrange them in such a way that the most fragile are at the top. Put crumpled newspapers in between gaps in the box to avoid movement of the fragile items.

Remove clothes from your drawers and cabinets to lessen the weight of those cabinets. Put those clothing on luggage bags. Lock your cabinet doors and drawers or put ropes around the cabinets to keep those drawers and doors closed. Make sure to place protective cartons on the corners of your cabinet between the surface of your furniture and the rope to avoid scratches from the rope.

Wrap your furniture in bubble wrap or cartons to avoid damage during the course of the move.

Put cleaning materials and unpacking materials such as scissors in one bag so you can easily get hold of it when you are ready to unpack.

When you are ready to unpack, unpack first the items that you will need immediately such as kitchen items, dining items. The last items that you should unpack are those that you packed first, remember those items are the ones you rarely use and might even end up unpacked in the storage room.

All these tips sounds easy to do if you have time to do it, but if you prefer for the professionals to do it for you there are many furniture removals company who can do it for you.


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