How to Make a Moving List


– Prepare a practical moving list

– Fill in the moving list

– List of items to keep with you on moving day

– List of things to do before leaving the home

A move is organized several months in advance to be well prepared for the big day and above all not to forget anything. Establishing a moving schedule allows you to organize the process, avoid delays and thus reduce the stress that can arise when preparing for a move.

Prepare a Practical Moving List

The moving list helps you not to forget anything. It is therefore important to prepare it well in order to plan your move as best as possible.

For example, it can be structured like a calendar in the form of a table with several columns:

  • one on the right is for the object or task to be carried out;
  • the middle column indicates the actions to be carried out;
  • the right-hand column gives the deadlines to be met: D-30, D-15, D-7, D-day, etc. ;
  • a “done” column can also be inserted to indicate that the task has been completed.

Completing the Moving List

How to Make a Moving List


For the tasks to be carried out, we can note the administrative steps and the planning of the move.

Administrative procedures to be foreseen
The administrative procedures to be carried out are in particular:

  • concerning your contracts: electricity, telephone, insurance to be cancelled;
  • the change of address to be carried out with the various organizations;
  • the modification of documents: car registration, electoral card, passport, identity card… ;
  • registering the children in the new school;
  • notifying the bank.

Planning the Move

It is also important to plan the move well in advance so that you are not caught short at the last minute. Think about:

  • The van to be reserved, according to the volume to be defined.
  • When to pack the items: those that are used the least will be packed first, and the rest last.
  • Write on the cardboard box what it contains and the part concerned.
  • When to take down curtains, rods, pictures…
  • The necessary moving equipment to buy and/or rent.
  • Choose the day to move.
  • Notify your employer.
  • Get quotes to choose the moving company.
  • Arrange for the care of children and pets during the move.
  • The day before: ◦ Unplug the fridge, dismantle the last pieces of furniture.
  • Arrange for cold drinks and a meal or sandwiches.
  • Arrange the time of the move with the company and provide a parking space.

List of Items to Keep With You on Moving Day

On moving day, it’s a good idea to keep with you:

  • jewelry, valuables;
  • important documents (identity papers, notary deeds…);
  • documents essential to the smooth running of the move (waybill, estimate, declaration of value);
  • emergency medicines.

We also keep the cleaning products to clean the property before the inventory of fixtures.

List of Things to Do Before Leaving the Dwelling

Before leaving the place, we make a last tour of the premises to see if we haven’t forgotten anything. And then..:

  • We turn off the water, the heating.
  • We read the meters (water, electricity).
  • We take out the garbage cans.
  • And finally, we close all the windows and the door.

Please note: your presence is mandatory during the move. However, if this is not possible, you can mandate someone you trust.

If you wish, we can put you in touch with one or more moving specialists. They will be able to offer you a free, no-obligation quote. Remember to write down your comments in the section below.


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