Two Types of Cardboard to Store Clothes and Dishes When Moving

When moving, packing the dishes is a puzzle, and packing the clothes is tiring. Fortunately, two types of cardboard can help you to facilitate these two steps.

Special Cardboard Boxes for Moving Dishes

Dishes must be given special attention when moving:

– They must be carefully packaged, and their cardboard handled with care.

– In addition to bubble wrap and the mention “fragile” on the cardboard, you can also opt for cardboards with braces specially designed to carry glasses and plates.

Good to know: the price of these boxes varies according to their size but is, on average, around 10 dollars.

Wardrobe Boxes to Transport Your Clothes

Wardrobe boxes can be an unnecessary expense: your travel bags are ideally suited to carry your clothes.

However, if you don’t have time to fold your clothes properly and iron them to save space, wardrobe cardboard is a good solution.

They save you the step of folding and ironing by allowing you to carry your clothes on their hanger, thanks to a rod.

Good to know: You will find them at your nearby local store; count between 10 and 20 dollars to get some.

You can further read an interesting post on How to Move with Your Boxes. Remember to drop down your comments below.


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