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A move. No, you’re not dreaming, you’re going to move soon, for your greatest pleasure, that of your children or your dog! A new life, a new bigger or cozier space… the dream!

Only, to make this dream come true, you have to think about many, many, many things… But don’t be discouraged!

This post will guide you step by step so that you can move quietly and without pressure. It is better to organize your administrative procedures about three months before the big day!

What is the list of administrative tasks to do 3 months before moving?

We assume that you already have the date of your move. So you have put a cross on your calendar or this website! Here we go!

Whether renting or owning, the first step is to inform the owner and the building manager that you are moving. You will then set a date together for the inventory of fixtures.

Don’t hesitate to ask for information, you never know! If you are a parent, you should think about notifying your children’s school and the establishment in your future city. If you are an employee of a company, you must also inform your employer of your change of address. Under certain conditions and according to your collective agreement, you may be entitled to a moving leave.

Finally, you will have to notify the various public and private organizations of your change of address, such as the tax office). We strongly advise you to do it now because the declaration and its processing can take 2 to 3 months.

What should you do as the moving day draws near?

Administrative Procedures

You have a few weeks of respite, but now that you are on the home stretch, you have about a month to complete the pre-move administrative steps. First of all, think about transferring or canceling your fixed telephone subscription as of the day of your move. Also, remember to cancel your internet subscription.

Then, make an appointment with the concerned organizations for the water, gas, and electricity statements at the end of the move and the new residence.

If you subscribe to different magazines or the Post Office, do not hesitate to inform them so that your mailbox is not flooded unnecessarily! Also, tell your bank so that it can take into account your new address. Last but not least, you can start to inquire about the different moving insurances that exist. Taking out an insurance policy is a guarantee because you don’t know what can happen during transport and trips.

What are the steps to take on moving day?

This is it! The big day has finally arrived, and the movers have finished loading the boxes. All that’s left is to say goodbye to your home… Well, almost. Last little effort to finish perfectly; the first thing you should do is read the water, gas, and electricity meters and keep a copy (you never know). Then, organize the inventory of fixtures with the owner or the real estate agency at the end of your stay. It is imperative to leave a spotless apartment to be able to recover your deposit. Also, pay attention to the cleaning of your apartment. Nothing should be left to chance.

That’s it. Have a good move!

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