When Is It Best to Move?

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– The moving schedule

– When to move if you choose a professional?

– When to move: periods to avoid

– The best time to move

– Relocation leave: according to the collective agreement

– When to contact moving companies?

Choosing the right day for your move is an important point: it will determine whether you need to take a vacation, the price charged by the moving company, or the price of the van rental. Tips to optimize your moving schedule.

The moving schedule

To help you plan your move, you can make your own schedule so that you don’t forget anything.

– D-1 month: if you are moving alone, consider renting your moving truck.

– D-2 months: if you opt for a moving company, the professional will come to your home to make a technical visit that will allow us to establish an estimate as well as the volume of the move to be planned.

– D-2 months: prepare, several weeks in advance, your moving boxes.

– D-1 month: also think about all your moving formalities (insurance, change of address, transfer or cancellation of telephone subscription…).

When to move if you choose a professional?

In order to benefit from interesting rates and make savings, it is wise to avoid certain periods to move: a few days can affect price variations of up to 50% on the final price.

When to move: periods to avoid

Avoid “tense” periods to avoid exploding the moving budget:

– Summer (from June to September) is the busiest period, particularly because of school vacations, which are conducive to school changes, and the more favorable climate.

– Weekends (when possible).

– Weekends (between the 28th and 2nd of the following month).

– The end of the year (because of the holidays but also because of the housing tax that is only paid if the dwelling is occupied on January 1 of the current year).

– All school vacations in general.

It is during these periods that the removal companies are most in-demand (every Saturday). They are overbooked and no longer have a lot of availability to offer you. The extra cost can be $200 or more depending on the service chosen.

The best period to move

To save money, it is preferable to opt for low periods that correspond to the winter months and weeks in the middle of the month. You will have more choices on the proposed dates. In addition, the movers will be much more available because their schedule will be less busy.

It is therefore generally more interesting to move on a weekday and ask your employer for a day off. It is also more relevant to choose a mover close to your home.

Attention: be aware that moving companies do not work on Sundays. If some of them offer you their service on this date, beware because it is not certain that they comply with the regulations.

Moving vacation: according to the collective agreement

Your company’s collective agreement determines the day(s) off you are entitled to due to the move. If you are entitled to it:

– The leave must be taken at the time of the move or no later than 15 days after the move.

– You must make the request to your employer and justify it with a document: moving estimate, new lease, etc.

– Moving leave is paid and is not attributable to your vacation days.

When to contact moving companies?

Contact moving companies 1 or 2 months before your move. If you need to move during high periods (defined above) do not hesitate to contact a mover 2 to 3 months in advance.


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