Moving in Discussions to Have With Your Partner

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Finally, you decide to take the next step in your relationship, and no, I’m not talking about marriage; I’m talking about moving in together. It’s a step that encompasses everything in your relationship and how you see yourselves being together. This decision must be made together and well thought out because it involves many emotions and personal space. You need to share your space with someone else, mostly if you have lived alone.

To make sure you are ready to move in with your partner, here are a few tips to make a move go smoothly!

1. Long-term expectations

Before you move in together, you should talk to your partner about your long-term plans to see if you are on the same page. Even if you feel it’s a little too early for that, it’s essential to know what you both want and expect from your relationship to avoid problems later on. In other words, you need to ask yourself questions about a larger goal, such as planning to get married or possibly have children.

2. Money

Finances are one of the most critical issues to discuss before sharing a nest. Although it may seem like a delicate conversation, the “money talk” should take place in advance so that you can avoid critical areas of disagreement and common arguments that could break your heart and lead you to bankruptcy.

It is essential to know how each of you views money in terms of being a “spendthrift” or “saver” and also to decide how to share rent, bills, and common expenses such as groceries and other household necessities.

3. Household responsibilities

Unless one of you is a master chef with a passion for cleaning, you may want to take a moment to discuss the division of daily responsibilities. Try to create a to-do list and agree on your roles within the household. Discuss who will cook, who will do the dishes, vacuum, and who will do the shopping.

These issues may seem silly to cover, but these activities take a lot of time and energy, and in the long run, they can become a reason to argue if they are done entirely by one person.

4. Pets

It is also essential to discuss adding a furry friend to the mix. You need to know your partner’s preferences before receiving an unexpected or unpleasant roommate. You may be the kind of person who grew up with a cat or dog and discovering later that you can no longer have a pet may disappoint you. It could even become a disruptive factor.

If you are both animal lovers, then it’s a perfect marriage, but remember that you still need to ask yourself questions like “Who will walk the dog” or “Who will feed the cat” or “Are pets allowed in bed?

5. Guests

Moving in with your loved one also means enjoying the merging of friends, but getting together at home depends on how well you both welcome visitors. It may be necessary to negotiate and compromise when you welcome guests, as the house is now a shared space, and you need to take into account everyone’s preferences.

Depending on each person’s personality and lifestyle, you need to decide whether friends and family are always welcome or whether this requires planning.

6. Sleep

Sleeping together is one of the best things you can do with your partner because of the positive effects on your relationship. A good night’s sleep next to your loved one brings emotional closeness, security, and well-being. That’s why it’s essential to share your sleep preferences with your loved one.

Knowing from the outset whether you share your bed with an early riser or a night owl, whether he or she is a fan of cool night-time temperatures or needs to sleep with the light on, will help you take early action make it work.

7. Bizarre or awkward habits

He may be too creative to find new places to leave his socks every day. She may enjoy talking to her plants in the morning or spending time in the bathroom with the cat on her lap. We all have odd little habits that are part of our personality, and that are not worrisome.

Moving in together involves adjustments and compromises, but it’s best to share these quirks with your partner before taking this step to know what to expect.


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