7 Tips on Lowering Costs when Moving Out

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Let’s face it: Moving can be a pain in the ass. My first few moving experiences were tough and I had to pay a lot for different kinds of stuff. However, I’ve grown accustomed to the process over the years and came up with some ways on how to lower my moving costs. Follows are 7 tips we can all use to lower our moving costs.

1. Extensive Research

While you may have found the perfect new home, moving there with all your belongings remains a challenge. You might need the help of a moving company but before you jump into the first one that shows up, carry out an extensive research on your different options. Look for promotional sales or lower prices that can benefit you.

2. DIY It

Moving can sometimes require the experience and help of a moving company, however, it is not a compulsory obligation. You may choose to move with all your belongings in a van or contacting a towing company. Just make sure that all your belongings are safely packed in boxes.

3. Have a Garage Sale

Are you still using that 20-year-old lamp? What about that oversize jacket that no one uses? It is futile to hold onto things that you don’t use anymore. The most effective thing to do is to sell them, earn some money, and avoid space fillers during the move-out.

4. Save on Boxes

One of the biggest expenses that I had during my moving outs was the boxes. You will be using a lot of boxes to pack different kinds of stuff. One thing that can help you is to ask your relatives, colleagues, and friends about boxes that they are not using.

5. Avoid Damage

Property damage can cost quite a lot to fix. Whether it is a scratched floor, chipped walls, or broken windows, make sure you are extra careful on that day when you arrive in your new home. Don’t rush things and take your time.

6. Check your Taxes

One way to get back the money you spent is checking if you’re eligible for tax deductions. Some cases allow the person to receive all the money the latter spent on moving. However, there are some conditions which apply.

7. Pack it Yourself

Hire professional packers to pack up your things only if you have more complex stuff to pack. If you want to save money, pack the most basic items such as books, clothes, shoes, bedding, etc.

These are just some few tips that can help lower your moving costs.


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