Relocating to Another Country; What Is It Like?

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It was hard to move from my motherland to somewhere I didn’t like. Well, the courage to come up with deciding to move to another country is really hard. Anxiety, loneliness, and sadness starts becoming more recurrent but being able to fight it off are just amazing! So here is the story of how relocating to another country is essential and some tips into moving to another country.

  • Pick your favorite items and take them with you – It could a pillow or a family photo album or anything that you hold dear. That piece this going to be your solace during hard times. Keep a small piece of home with you keeps you grounded as you learn about your new home.
  • Know about the country before moving – Always look for information about the country before moving. You can research on the place online or in talking forums or talk to people who have been there before. Note down and find out at least the first few things you can do and the places you need to go upon your arrival.
  • Sign up for the local language class – Look out for local language classes in order to help you meet new people. Along with developing your linguistic skills, you will build relationships with other people. Most people use these classes as places to meet expats.
  • Where to buy groceries – It is no shame to ask local people from where they buy their groceries. Always favor local store instead of an international one as it will save you money and make you feel more at home.
  • Know your agent for your accommodation – It is wise to go through apps where you can find accommodation. Look for a place where you will be at peace and comfortable in all sense. Choose accommodation near your workplace in order to decrease the cost of traveling every day.
  • Get a local number – The first thing to do when moving somewhere is to get a local number. Buy a local sim card and get your number to your closed ones. Though there are several apps that allow you to call home a local number is easy and reliable when you’re in trouble.
  • Wander around your neighborhood – Take a stroll around and find the best restaurants and bars in your area. If you are afraid that you might get lost, don’t be scared to ask for directions or take a taxi home. Actually, the best way to learn about any new place is to get lost first!
  • Make appointments – Sign up for a new class or go watch a movie or just buy utensils for a new home or just anything. Go out and roam around the place. Move out three days after you are settled in your new place.
  • You are allowed to be homesick – It is totally okay if you are feeling homesick. Embrace this feeling instead of fighting it. When you are feeling homesick, look out for the thing or people that remind you of home.
  • Be grateful – Moving to another country will not only help you in becoming another but it will also make you more confident and more adult. Just remember you are experiencing something unique and wonderful. So instead of being sad or cry, just enjoy the fact that you are able to experience this all by yourself.

That being said, moving to another country is essential as it helps you grow as a person. There are many advantages and here are some:

  • Travel opportunities – One of the best things when moving to a foreign country is the abundance of new cities and areas waiting to be explored. Depend on where you are moving and the ability to move around and outside. Well, one thing is sure that you will not be bored at all as you are more open to new opportunities and experiences that come hand-in-hand with travel.
  • Expansion of Knowledge – With travel comes the power of knowledge and learning as you are constantly learning about different culture, languages, and histories as you travel to new cities and countries. Once you move the amount of knowledge and real-world experience you will gain is priceless. Museums, books, classes, and tours will become your teacher. Be more original by gaining knowledge with the locals as they are the living piece of history.
  • Personal growth – As mentioned earlier, you will grow in many ways when moving to another and that’s one advantage of moving to another country. You will experience a lot that will help you grow personally, physically, and mentally. Emotional growth is something that you might be lacking in the current situation.
  • New relationships – Moving to a foreign country means that your friend list and social circles will expand. Surrounded by new faces will surely take a toll on you but once you’ve grown used to them, then it will be like coming home in a different country. Moving abroad will also be a plus in your CV as you will more chance to work in different organizations and places.

Where do you plan to move if the chance is presented to you? Let us know in the comment section.


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