How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

A piano is not as easy to transport as a guitar or a violin! Heavy, cumbersome, and fragile, this instrument requires real know-how and a particular vigilance during its moving. In this guide, we reveal the methods for moving your piano, the rates, and the advantages of using a professional mover.

Transporting a piano: how to proceed?

A piano is particularly fragile because it is made up of many parts. In addition, it is usually covered with a lacquer or varnish very sensitive to scratches. A piano is also very heavy: an upright piano weighs between 200 and 450 kg, and a grand piano can exceed 600 kg. The least heavy pianos are digital pianos and student pianos, weighing between 100 and 200 kg. First of all, find out the exact weight of the piano and take its measurements. This will allow you to use the right transport equipment and manage the moving truck’s difficult passages. Transportation methods depend on the type of piano.

Moving an upright piano

Removable parts such as the keyboard cover and pedals are taken apart to reduce the piano’s weight. You will need 2 to 4 people to transport it. In tight spaces, it may be necessary to move the piano “upright,” and this technique requires experience.

Moving a grand piano

More difficult to transport, the grand piano must be partially dismantled. Certain elements must be removed, such as the:

– lyre (the pedalboard),

– legs

– music stand by sliding it out,

– top cover and the hinges so as not to deform them

– keyboard cover

– piano bed by removing the screws on the sides.

It may also be necessary to secure other elements to prevent the piano from opening during transport. If the piano is tilted, it is necessary to attach a sled beforehand to allow it to slide and be loaded into the truck. Once the piano has been tipped, it can be placed on a tray with wheels to facilitate handling.

Moving a digital piano

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

Although it has 88 keys like other pianos, the digital piano is lighter. It weighs between 40 and 100 kg. The synthesizer, even more lightweight, weighs only about 10 kg and does not require any particular procedure when moving. You will only have to wrap it in bubble wrap and place it in a box.

When it is impossible to transport the piano up the stairs, which is almost always the case with grand pianos, you must use a freight elevator (or furniture elevator). Once the piano is loaded into the truck, it is secured with wedges and straps. It is also covered with a protective cover.

Moving a piano: how much does it cost?

Specific criteria vary the price of transporting your piano. If you are moving a piano in addition to your furniture, the moving company will charge an additional fee due to the extra precautions required. This can be between $100 and $600. 


– The weight of the piano: the difficulty is not the same depending on the type of piano to be transported: upright, grand, or digital. The heavier the piano, the more labor it requires, which will increase the price of the operation.

Access conditions: If your home is equipped with an elevator, the piano’s transportation is considered from the first floor to the first floor. The price of transportation will not be increased. On the other hand, if the piano does not fit in the elevator or there is no elevator, you will have to count an increase according to the number of floors. The average increase is $75 per floor.

– Elevator: when the piano cannot go up the stairs, it must either be transported through the stairway or, with the help of an elevator, by taking it up to the balcony. In this case, you must take the handling by workforce or the rental of the elevator into account. The price of renting a freight elevator is between $80 and $150.

Why use piano movers?

Piano movers are used to this challenging task. They have specific training and are fully aware of the techniques required to transport a piano safely. Before operating, they visit the site to anticipate the difficulties better. They take measurements, locate the delicate passages at the departure and arrival points. They also have at their disposal all the necessary equipment for handling a piano: elevator, sled, blankets, straps, carts, truck…


– The straps, designed by marine rope manufacturers, must be robust and have specific buckles.

– The carts must be able to support the piano’s weight, hence the importance of knowing the instrument’s weight. They must also be mounted on rubberized wheels, both solid and flexible, to transport the piano without jolting or damaging the floor.

– Moving sleds are specially designed for piano handling. They have reinforced corners, strap loops, and a soft surface to avoid scratching the piano’s surface.

– Piano movers can also use other tools, such as independent, electrically controlled roller systems or tracks for going up and downstairs.

– For grand pianos, the elevator is often indispensable: it can reach more than 55 meters and support several hundred kilos.

– To transport a piano, it is also necessary to use an adapted truck, i.e., padded and equipped with an elevator if possible.

By calling on a professional mover, you benefit from insurance. This covers you in case of problems or damage to your piano and works for other valuable objects. You will need to fill out a declaration of value beforehand, indicating the piano brand, the model, and the estimated price.


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