Tips for Moving in the Rain

Imagine your furniture unwrapping from its packaging and slipping out of hand during loading and unloading. You really don’t want that kind of catastrophe. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay dry when moving in bad weather.

Before moving

The following is a good tip not only for moving in the rain but for all your moves. Ensure that you are all packed up and ready to go beforehand. This way, when movers start to load the truck, you don’t have to worry about anything else. You will be less stressed knowing that you are well prepared and everything going on smoothly.

How to prepare?

Your choice of boxes plays an important role. Just packing boxes is fine, but you need rain/humidity/waterproof boxes. There are companies out there offering such boxes for your convenience.

Label your boxes to avoid confusion during loading and unloading. This is essential so as to avoid putting heavy loads on fragile items like mirrors, crystals or porcelain.

You will need to make sure that you already have areas ready to accommodate your boxes in your new home where your items can be quickly set down while it may be raining cats and dogs.

One great advice here is for you to use doormats. Put one by the door of your home to keep your floor dry and mud free and put one near the truck to keep the ramp from becoming muddy and slippery.

You should also place some towels near the doors so that you can dry any items that got wet.

Wear the appropriate gears

These tips will hopefully help you move your stuff dry and safe. If you have had to move in the rain, give us your tips by writing in the comments sections below.

Despite this being pretty obvious, you should be dressed accordingly. It is not at the last moment that you will start looking for the rain jacket that you would have already packed in a box. This will avoid you having to unpack the box to get your jacket. And worse, what if after unpacking the box, you cannot find the sealing tapes to seal that same box or even a new box. You get the picture, right?

What will you need more?

A broad hat to keep rain out of your eyes and shoes with a good tread that would prevent you from slipping.

Keep some fresh and clean clothes ready if need be.

How to protect your stuff

Buy tarp covers. They are cheap and useful to cover your items as they are water resistant, lightweight, mildew-proof, and crack resistant and resist acids, alkalies, and salt.

For electronics, you can wrap them with mover’s wrap, then place them in boxes without forgetting to put a bold tag on the box – “FRAGILE”.

To keep your mattress dry, use a mattress bag which has a zipper line.

And finally, don’t allow your things to stay outside on the ground where moisture will be able to seep in despite having wrapped your items to perfection.


If you have rented a moving truck you want to be extra careful while driving it. Take things slow. Brake early, don’t drive in flooded areas and watch out for slippery grounds. Look for a different route and if you are caught up in extreme lighting and wind, you may just have to park in safety and wait until the weather calms down.

You cannot control the weather but you don’t really have a choice when you badly need to move because you have agreements with so many stakeholders such as people coming to occupy your earlier home on that same day, you have to return the truck back and they do not have another date to propose you.


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