Essential Steps For A Successful International Move

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Moving is one of those actions that are difficult to do. It involves time, administrative, financial and material constraints. Several parameters and procedures must be considered. Making an international move is even more complicated because additional elements must be planned and put in order. Since we will have to move all our belongings, security will be put to the test.

However, it should be noted that moving companies will perfectly provide all the services from your old home to your new home. Like Always International, which is an international network, there are several companies that are dedicated to moving services. Organizing a move requires careful preparation to anticipate possible problems.

There are several points to consider before making a decision, as the cost of the move will depend entirely on these: the weight of the belongings to be taken, the destination, the mode of transport chosen (air, sea or road), the distance to the destination, the route and any unforeseen events along the way. Once the decision to move has been made, the process of moving must follow several steps.

1. Medical check-up


This step consists of a “check-up” to ensure your health before departure. If you have pets, respect for the regulations in force on the sanitary precautions concerning them is required. For example, this includes keeping their vaccinations up to date.

2. Choice of the moving company

This step is very important because it will determine the cost of your move. It depends on your expectations, and from this stage, the company will carry out a technical visit as well as the evaluation of the estimate. The latter will obviously depend on the volume of your goods, your destination and the means of transport chosen. Finally, the chosen company will establish the moving plan according to your requirements and the availability of means.

3. Collection of goods

The collection consists of packing all the goods according to your expectations. It can be done either completely or partially. It can be done by the customers themselves or by the company, at the customers’ special request and according to their needs. Beforehand, it is necessary to prepare the boxes and moving devices adapted to each object to avoid damage and, at the same time, to sort out the things to be taken away.

4. Settlement of administrative paperwork

When the inventory of goods is finished and the mode of transportation has been chosen, it is necessary to proceed with the insurance and filing paperwork with the customs services. The same goes for the administrative paperwork with your children’s school and employer.

5. Transportation

The mode of transportation will depend on your choice and your destination. It can be by air, sea or road, which can be combined with rail transport. Most often, road transportation is done with containers or moving trucks, depending on the nature and quantity of the goods to be transported.

The different modes of transportation listed above each have their specificities, but the fastest is obviously air transport. For the most economical one, it is maritime transport. So the choice is in your hands. In this step, the moving company will follow your belongings from their departure to their arrival at the destination.

6. Delivery of goods


Before the delivery, the administrative paperwork for customs clearance must be done. Note that these customs formalities are part of the services provided by moving companies, and to be safe, it is strongly advised to use these companies. The delivery consists of bringing your goods to the new home of your destination. It is quite possible that your new home is not yet available.

In this case, you could use a storage company to temporarily store your belongings. It is always worth mentioning that the moving company can solve all contingencies. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises or complications, it is wiser to use companies that are already experienced in organizing a complete move from departure to arrival. They have the necessary knowledge and equipment, as well as the right materials, to carry out your move successfully.

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