Renting a Moving Truck With a Driver

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Moving Truck

 Moving alone involves a lot of constraints. Renting a truck with a driver allows you to save on costs compared to a professional move while simplifying your life, thanks to the experience of an experienced driver/mover who accompanies you during the operation. The advantages are numerous, even if you must take some precautions.

 The principle of a truck rental with a driver

 In this type of formula, you rent a vehicle that goes from the simple van to the truck of more than 100 m³, according to your needs. The truck arrives at your home the same morning, driven by a driver/mover who accompanies you throughout the move, then takes care of bringing the vehicle back at the end of the day. Fuel is included in the rate and a predefined mileage, the vehicle insurance, and the company’s civil liability (you, your moving team, and your personal belongings are covered in case of an accident). 

 Advantages and disadvantages of renting a truck with a driver

 Ideal for those who don’t have a driver’s license and are less expensive than a professional move, renting a truck with a driver makes your life easier. The driver drives the truck, coordinates the moving operations, and advises you on the protection of the furniture, the optimization of the space and the storage in the truck, the techniques of portage, etc. The vehicle is equipped explicitly for a move: tie-down bars, straps, etc. Another advantage is that no deductible or deposit is due.

 The disadvantages are that you will have to carry your furniture and objects yourself by calling on family or friends, unlike a move that professionals entirely insure. And the formula is more expensive than if you rent a truck without a driver.

 Truck rental with driver: options

Moving Truck

 Many options are available for an “à la carte” move, such as the rental of dollies, furniture lifts, boxes, mattress covers, etc. Or even the reinforcement of professional labor. But all of them will add to the cost of the operation.

 Tips and precautions to take

 Get quotes from at least three companies so you can compare rates and services. Carefully evaluate the volume of furniture and objects to be moved. If you overestimate it, renting an oversized truck with a driver will be unnecessarily expensive. Underestimated, you will have to go back and forth with an unnecessary extra cost, and risky if the rental time is over! Some websites help you to calculate the volume to be moved

 If you have the possibility, rent your truck with a driver on a weekday rather than on the weekend, with the key to significant savings. Also, avoid the end of the month and school vacations.

 The prices of a truck rental with a driver

 The prices are very variable according to the mileage, the volume of the truck, the options, and the company; for a 30 m³ truck with a driver, it counts from $400 the half-day.

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  1. It’s nice that you pointed out how renting a truck with a driver allows you to save on costs compared to a professional move while simplifying your life. We are planning to move soon and we are trying to make it easier. This time, we should probably ask for a Penske truck rental service.

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